Transform Your Thinking with Ed Watters
Change is a long game ๐Ÿค”
Jun 27, 2024, Season 1, Episode 26
Ed Watters
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Change is a long game.

It all starts with a thought.  When we transform our thoughts, we transform our world.  Let's start with today's transformation.  Let's start it right now.      Let's think about change.  Change is a long game. It's not something that's going to happen overnight in many cases. And I'm talking about transformational change. This means self-help, personal development, growth in areas that you lack.


Let's understand that when we start these journeys of change, we really want to change now and we get discouraged when we have these hiccups, these burps, these moments in time where we lack judgment. You've got to be tender on yourself at the same time being strict with yourself. It's a love hate relationship. When we go into change, if we really truly want to transform, expect to take baby steps and expect to fall many times. Just like when we learn to walk for the first time. We're going to trip, we're going to fall and changes just like that.


Also, when we take the time to reflect during these periods of change, we can see transformation actually happens over long periods of time.   These periods of change, they bring up really troubled thoughts, really troubled times. And yes, we have to sort it all out. We have to weed through the garden, if you will. If there's a bad weed, it's going to take nutrients from other plants in your garden that needs that vital nutrients. So just like a muddy shoe walking down a path, it gets caked with mud, it gets heavy.


A lot of the times we have to stop, we have to wipe that mud off and then our journey gets lighter. We've got to do that with people, places and things.  Really take an inventory on those things. People, places and things that are about your life surrounding you every day.  This is where change comes. And you know the important thing to remember is the only person that can initiate change in personal development is yourself. Don't expect someone else to hold you accountable. Don't expect somebody to hold your hand and nurse you through this change. Either you want it or you don't, and that's critical to understand when you start your journey down the path of change.


It's going to hurt and it's going to feel like you want to give up. But I can tell you, after many years of this transformative change for myself, it gets easier. And boy, pretty soon you're running down the path and you're taking your shoes off so you don't collect as much mud. The mud just flies off. It's just like that. And you have to take time to nurture yourself through the early stages of change.    Be easy on yourself, but yet be accountable. This is what change is about. And if you truly want change, you can't change without the accountability.   So long game is the focus here.


To conclude, change does not happen overnight.  Change feels random at times. Change feels odd. It feels different and many times when we feel threatened by difference, that's when we give up.   I'm telling you, change is a long game. Don't give up and give yourself the leeway to fall a few times. Every expert knows it takes time to get it right, but once you do get it right, boy, you're flying, baby. And keep on going, I'll see you next time.

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Transform Your Thinking with Ed Watters
Change is a long game ๐Ÿค”
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