Transform Your Thinking with Ed Watters
What is a “Garden?”
May 17, 2024, Season 1, Episode 20
Ed Watters
Episode Summary

When we think of a garden people's minds tend to have such a different idea of what a garden is. And as we get deeper into spring and summer, many of us will find ourselves in the garden. Today I want to concentrate on a garden because I feel that we can miss so many things that we would never associate with a garden.

For me, a garden is a place of healing, relaxation, contemplation, and most of all a place to help me get closer to nature and God. I find myself picturing the relationship that Adam had with God in the garden, and it makes me more understanding of my faults or even weakness.

A garden can be whatever you want it to be, all it takes is action. That might sound a little cliché, however, let's take a deeper dive and see. You see, I feel a garden is about a place that you are at peace in, when you can feel at peace it is a mental garden that we should nurture and care for, protecting it at all costs.

When we first start building our garden, it is very easy to make simple mistakes that can feel devastating, however, it is the joy of learning that we can’t fully understand as we are making the mistake. I often associate a garden with life and how we must take the time and care to build the dream that we see for our garden or lives. This is when we can turn what we perceive as a failure into the building blocks of our foundations. Dreams just like gardens take time to mature into that beautiful garden or life of our dreams. Never rush a long-term plan.

Many times, in life just like the garden we might start building what we see as the best way to achieve our long-term outcome, however, about halfway through it the plans must change to get the desired outcome for the long term. Change is never going to be easy, and yes it can through a few wrinkles in your day or even year. This is the time when we can take a moment and enjoy the beauty, taking the time to reflect can revitalize you and give you that boost you might need.

When we start changing our thinking on what life is and why we are here, we can start living the dream life that we are inspired by. Life is just like a garden, what we do with it is what it will respond with. The size or the amount you receive from your garden is all in the planning and preparations. The plan can change but the garden never happens if you don’t put the work in and start one. When you have a desire to put meaning and order into your life, it will always require personal commitment and action.


The sooner you see your life becoming a beautiful garden, the sooner your dream will come true. All it takes is one step at a time, and remember, never count the steps, reflect on and enjoy the steps!

Transform Your Thinking with Ed Watters
What is a “Garden?”
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