Hope4Med with Dr. JB Podcast
EP 51: The Facts Didn’t Matter
Apr 13, 2022, Season , Episode 52
Doctor JB
Episode Summary

The fear of being sued is something that many healthcare professionals have. According to the AMA, approximately 50% of physicians age 55 and older report having been sued at some point in their careers.* Episode 51 of the Hope4Med podcast features Dr. Mark Lopatin, a retired rheumatologist who is active in healthcare advocacy. Dr. Lopatin shares his experiences with lawsuits in his career and the lessons he learned from them. Despite doing the right thing, despite excellent charting, the facts didn't matter. He further discusses how the events affected him emotionally and mentally, and how he was able to recover by seeking help and moving forward.

Check out Dr. Lopatin's book, Rheum for Improvement: The Evolution of a Health-Care Advocate: https://www.amazon.com/Rheum-Improvement-Evolution-Health-Care-Advocate/dp/1627343768

*Source: https://www.ama-assn.org/practice-management/sustainability/1-3-physicians-has-been-sued-age-55-1-2-hit-suit

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Hope4Med with Dr. JB Podcast
EP 51: The Facts Didn’t Matter
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