Create the Best Water You Can
Water and Gut Health with Dr Peter Dingle
May 26, 2023, Season 1, Episode 1
Rod Archdall
Episode Summary

In this episode, our speaker shares their insights into the importance of water, toxins, and health. 
They explore the risks associated with dehydration and the potential harm caused by toxins such as chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides in drinking water.

The speaker reveals their research from 30 years ago highlighting authorities' lack of knowledge about what pesticides were used in catchment areas for water and the dangerous byproducts they produced. They also warn how microbial activity in the soil could create even more harmful substances than the original pesticides.

Chlorine, which is used to disinfect water, is a significant source of chlorine exposure for most people, primarily through the shower and secondarily through what we drink and ingest with food. While it's necessary to prevent waterborne and foodborne diseases, long-term exposure to chlorine in water could pose health problems.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of education for promoting action toward better health. They discuss Australia's health, which, along with global warming, is one of its more pressing issues. Water alone is not enough for proper hydration; minerals, microbiome, and other molecules are also necessary. Western Australia's low-level mineral concentrations could affect proper hydration, and it is necessary to add minerals back into water processed via reverse osmosis.

Chemistry and PH play an essential role in our body functions. Understanding the importance of PH levels is crucial for overall health and wellbeing. The speaker offers insights into their research on toxins in the home, gut health, and the body's responses to various chemicals and substances.

Furthermore, the show highlights that sugars and processed foods are detrimental to our dental health, creating an acidic mouth that causes tooth decay and increases bacteria growth. The speaker opines that checking people's saliva pH and advising them to eat more alkaline foods could be a cost-effective solution rather than adding fluoride, which is an acid-forming product that can cause the deterioration of dental material known as fluorosis.

Finally, the episode emphasizes the potential health effects of water chlorination byproducts, causing long-term exposure risks such as birth defects, cancers, organ damage, heart attacks, and strokes. The speaker encourages examining every aspect of our environment and toxins to understand why there are high levels of sickness today.

Overall, this episode offers insights into the importance of water, toxins, and health, providing valuable advice and precautions that the audience should implement in their daily lives.



Create the Best Water You Can
Water and Gut Health with Dr Peter Dingle
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