From the Studio to Stage: CHY's journey as a recording artist

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Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio
From the Studio to Stage: CHY's journey as a recording artist
Jun 21, 2023, Season 12, Episode 14
Yaya Diamond
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Lyricist/Songwriter/Entrepreneur CHY (formerly known as CHYNA) has been off rhe scene for a quick minute. During her time away, she has been working behind the scenes to produce new material. While working on her upcoming EP, CHY is releasing "WRTN", a rousing single that calls into question the pathetic behavior of a lot of modern day males. Of course, not all men are included in the questionable behavior duly noted within WRTN's lyrics. After all, some behavior we have seen as of late has been not only toxic, but downright uncouth. Get ready to hear CHY's take on these antics! Download/Stream WRTN on any digital platforms.

Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio
From the Studio to Stage: CHY's journey as a recording artist
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Lyricist/Songwriter/Entrepreneur CHY (formerly known as CHYNA) has been off rhe scene for a quick minute. During her time away, she has been working behind the scenes to produce new material. While working on her upcoming EP, CHY is releasing "WRTN", a rousing single that calls into question the pathetic behavior of a lot of modern day males. Of course, not all men are included in the questionable behavior duly noted within WRTN's lyrics. After all, some behavior we have seen as of late has been not only toxic, but downright uncouth. Get ready to hear CHY's take on these antics! Download/Stream WRTN on any digital platforms.

From the Studio to Stage: CHY's journey as a recording artist - YouTube

foreign [Music] I want to welcome you to Dream Chasers radio with me your host Yaya Diamond what's up people how you doing it is a great day and I'm so very excited to be here and I have an amazing musician on the show today she is amazing I want to make sure that I say her name right is it shy shy like short vagina oh try what's up girl hey we've been talking so long I thought that we would never get this interview I was like I just I just want to talk New Foundation I'm telling you man so tell us about yourself Chad how did you get into the music industry girlfriend oh wow um I've been doing music since I was about 12. um I actually used to write poetry um poetry and plays and I and I'm from New Orleans and in New Orleans there was this big time radio um station Q93 where they did the nine

o'clock props and I just used to hear it's like a bunch of artists rapping um where they will battle um different competition and win prizes and I just remember listening like man how do they do that and like I said at 12 um my older brother he was a big rapper so I had him write a rap for me my very first rap y'all and I wrapped it and I won and everybody on there was 1920 and me winning and already being into music writing poetry um I took that one rap and would just change it up but still stay on the beat and I became like this rap on the props weekly winning and I ended up beating everybody on there which was so weird and a baby that I'm like I love this I love the recognition and being popular so yep since 12 years old I've been doing music oh you got the bug early girl yeah

our child so like when you got okay okay the music industry has changed a lot yeah so when you were in the music industry I mean when you first started what was that like for you I mean describe the time um it was fun you actually did it because you met a lot of people like you I made best friends at that time whereas now it's like it seems like a competition and people doing it for money and you just putting out anything and I feel like back then you actually thought about what you were putting out like you you know it was you were more mindful of what and it made a music made a difference and you knew you needed to make a difference and again going back to what it is now everybody raps I'm gonna be a rapper everybody sings I'm gonna be a singer so I think the why has changed a lot um that's big that's big you know because I see like you see you know

people want to make money with this and you can't make a lot of money with this but not everybody makes money with the music industry yeah everybody does as many musicians as there are out there there are only a top few people that actually hit the Billboards or get the awards or like the sellouts that Beyonce is having right now it's recording you know I mean once in a while I mean I'm not even sure who did that I think it was Michael Jackson who did that before and so it's like okay so you got these artists that one artist comes through can you be the one artist in a million you could be really do you really want to be or do you just want to be that that that person that really loves what they do and do music can you answer that for me Chad um so as far as me okay honestly so and everybody think it's funny um I've been doing it since 12 I stopped for a really long time um late 20s I went through like this

breakdown I kind of lost a sense of who I was um and that that's why I can answer that last question because I think then I was doing it because I was popular and everybody knew me and I thought okay this is this this is what I want to do got a bunch of tattoos and you know I just felt like this is it for me and in my late 20s I got to a point where it was just like I didn't know who I was so I kind of let music take over who I was um so I left music alone for a while now where I am with music I realize this is a gift I actually do love making music but I don't want to be in a spotlight I tell people all the time um me coming back now I really don't want to perform I put some music out um maybe a year or two ago I hit my face like I'm I want to make it I wanna but I want to be like a silent you know I want you to love my music but I don't need it to be oh my gosh that's shy that's you

know like a big thing so I always say people get rich to be seen I'm trying to get rich to disappear like I want I love my I love my space so I do see I feel like I can be a big artist if I take it serious I finally you know gotten to that point where it's like yeah this is what I want to do so I do feel like I can get there um it just take and I I my music have content I have a message I speak I have my EP is called conversations I talk about the things people are scared to talk about people don't want to talk about I feel like now you hear you have these one hit wonders because they're making this is hot okay I'm gonna put this out but then that's it because what's hot is always high for the moment so whereas if you're going into these conversations this is stuff that we're gonna hear not only I have music that I can let you guys hear that I made at 15

and I have people to this they'd be like that's what that's the music now so my music I feel like it it stands like it is the old it was a younger me speaking on my closest friends or 10 15 years older than me so I I I feel like I know what's going to not only be hot what was hot at that moment but what's going to continue to be a big thing so yeah I can I feel like I can do it be a Beyonce rapper I hear that I hear that but I mean you know you sacrifice so much I mean people don't understand the sacrifice that Beyonce has made to actually pursue her career you know there is no privacy for her she can't just come into Walmart her kids can't do it they go anywhere it's kind of like you're a prisoner to your own Fame yeah so you're this is a pro this is probably one of the reasons that you had kind of blacked up a little bit and said I don't want people to really know who I am I just want to do it

because I love it yeah that was I you know like I said I got lost in who I was um and not only that the why me saying there you know there's a why so why I was doing it and I realized back then I did it because I was popular not because I wanted to do it I just like the fame I like being a center of attention I was young and I I hate to use it I was childish like I you know my reasoning behind me doing it and you have to know why to actually do something it can't just be fun because like you just said you have no privacy so the fun eventually gets taken out of it can you handle that pressure and you have so many artists you lose a lot of artists in the industry because they can't so I do feel where I was and where a lot of people are that's why it's only a select few that actually make it because you have to understand your why Beyonce gets it I feel like she gets it and

you know she can handle the how to do this or how to go about these people I mean she may hate it but I can promise you with being as big as she is you don't hear as much about her as a lot of these artists that cannot handle that pressure so she knows how to keep her business out of you know the media and what's going on but again she's strong enough to handle it if something does get out so I think you have to mentally you have to be ready and you know you hear that um the toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers uh you know so it's like going into that that's why many are not big like that think about that power given to a weak person or a person can't handle it so yeah definitely so what brings you here today showing your face on this channel oh getting out there meeting new people meeting you you know meeting you and I

found you know just talking for a few for some minutes we have a lot in common and also you taught me something so I think putting myself out there and then letting people that do not know me new people know yes I am a new face but I am that face oh I'm now putting my face out there you may not always see the face but I do want y'all to know I have something for everyone if I'm just giving that chance so just to you know come out and just to show people or to not only not show people I'm sorry but to come out and just to get [Music] sometimes you got to reach out to people who are you know like me okay so I'm gonna say this for myself I'm not gonna say it for anyone else but I have to sometimes reach out to people who have done more than I have yeah they're smarter than me yeah so that way I can learn something because I don't know everything and I don't think that I ever will and I'm always a student of my

craft and I think that this is great to reach out with people even if we know the same things we still have that camaraderie you know and you do have a new single coming out tell me about that I do so what kind of words can we use on here I farm so w is out it's been out for a month now um but I am releasing a new single within the next week I want to say but just a little bit on wrtn um it means who raised these inwards so gross yeah yeah Negroes who raise these Negroes that is and you can find it you don't have to spell none of that out just wrtn on everything but that song is pretty much um a lot of women's story um whereas you're dealing with guys and

you're trying to figure out where did you learn are you learning did you ever learn um who raised y'all how can y'all think the way y'all think so it's it's dealing with a different type of I don't want to say man because there are some awesome men I have one but it's dealing with men I'm not going to say men I'm gonna say males some males do not think past gold so that's what this song is and it's not shade to anybody it's maybe let y'all see because sometimes people don't see how they are unless they're told or you actually see yourself and someone else so yeah this is for that song is pretty much just saying what we see where y'all messing up at and we are trying to figure out who raised y'all so yeah I'll be looking at Pickens now because I'm married I'm married okay I don't know if the market been off the market since I was 17. I am one one man that's it that's what I got 17 years old

got him and I was done okay that's good but literally speaking I look and I'm like I had to raise my my son a lot different yeah oh no you better not and I said and I will beat you if you do and you guys can quote that yeah all right we don't gentle no gentle parents no let me tell you something go get your switch yes oh yes but oh no I I couldn't I couldn't and I understand where you're coming from with this song yeah I I love it I'm excited about it it is different from the other songs on the p-e-dp I will say um but it's what we need and it's to spark that conversation so like I said it's called conversation like yeah it does something man yeah I have some stuff I have some stuff conversations are going to be had after what conversations are going to be after you hear it trust me but that is

I could I could hear it already I did try I did everything I wanted to do and I did everything I could do and then the internet or the school who raised y'all right let me tell you let me tell you I mean back in the day that would not have happened right right my grandmother got me it is is it's I don't know if it's the music and it could be where guys think the bare minimum is fine and then you hear I see on social media a lot where people downplay I wouldn't say they want to call women dominant the the masculine women they call them masculine women and no I'm not saying I always tell my friends we are women we're not meant to be as strong we have to accept that it's fine to be vulnerable but in some cases you cannot get mad if a woman is out there doing it on her own if she does not have a man to do it for her who's

gonna do it yeah yeah so you know I think it's again conversations it goes to another conversation like we have an issue we're trying to figure out what is wrong with your males and in the meantime we still have to pay our bills we still have to take care of our sons we still you know so that song is definitely you know it just talks about a lot and prioritizing with a man that same man who may not be taking care of his kids is in a club every every week he's still you know like your best friends are more important than your kids like it's it's just again who raised y'all yeah priorities yeah yes yeah yeah and I mean you know a lot of these young men are growing up without fathers because obviously their fathers were gone and so the mothers did what they could but these kids were raised without a follow so they're they're not they're not understanding what that Father Figure is and a lot of times they don't know how to do it because they didn't have anyone to mimic after so you know you know there's a lot

you know what's crazy I'm sorry um my fiance um he came into me and my first son's life on what my son was nine and I told him early off um he had no kids no kids and I told him early off I don't need anything from you when it comes to my son the only thing I would love from you this is it I I all in all to sum it up I just need you to give my son someone to look up to someone to follow that was it I don't I'm not going to sign up with you you have to show up to this you have to do you don't have to pay this go to work give him show him what a man looks like that's it exactly yeah and so I I tell him and you know when we had our son um together he didn't have his father his father died when he was really young and he didn't have his father and he was lost and like another thing I tell him for

the guys I hear that a lot were you know guys that were missing their father um they don't know so my thing to that is give that child what you felt like you needed as a child I mean yeah it's different it looks different for everybody but just trying to think of the things you missed or what could have helped you give that to that child so I I don't mean I hate when people say um no you just you got to think of it on this whatever you can't be so my thing is I don't at least me I try not to look for cop outs and then I don't want to give anyone else that yeah you may not have had that so let's go back to your mother doing it by herself respect women more because you should see should have seen what it took for your mother you know so I don't know I just we hear it and I think we try to say well this is the why but that's a great conversation and that is

and it does spark those conversations it does take us there and I think that you know this will help a lot of women and a lot of men who understand where they are psychologically speaking and in comparison to having a father not having a father having a kid trying to be that role model trying to you know yes definitely so who raised you like seriously but and and it's not too late to figure it out that's right it's not too late to figure out what you're missing everything just goes into what this project is called conversation like let's have the conversation let's talk more you know don't put each other down don't find that one flaw and just keep bringing it making it an issue no yeah I want to know who raised y'all yeah I said what I say in the song but also tell me how can we fix this together you know yeah so definitely definitely girl chocolate that's so cool that is so cool I am so so oh yeah definitely where can people

go to hear this song and where can people go to follow you so on um all social media platforms it's chai c-h-y underscore underscore made in China so um that's made m-a-b-e-i-n-c-h-y-n-a so that's on everything Tick Tock Instagram Facebook um and as far as wrtn you can find it on all platforms on Apple music Google YouTube it is everywhere because everywhere should it be heard so we have it everywhere y'all can definitely check that out uh so we're going to put that information in the description box below so that it'll be easy for you guys to go ahead and find her do you have an Instagram yes um chai chy underscore underscore okay okay I got you I wanted to make sure that I understood because I was like did she say Instagram or not yeah and if you got the Facebook because everybody call that the Facebook the
Facebook yeah I love Facebook I actually like Facebook more than Instagram but uh what you don't usually hear that but yeah it's the same um chai underscore underscore made in China or China Baker We got the last name out there China Baker but China is c-h-y-n-a and c-h-y is like I said short for China right so right definitely thank you so much for being on the show girlfriend thank you so much thank you for having time talking with you yes yes I appreciate you for listening and having me and y'all make sure y'all get that wrtn bye chai definitely definitely and until next time guys bye [Music]

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