The Complex Health Coach Gemma Sanda
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  • What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

    Mar 11, 2024, Episode: 1

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    The Complex Health Coach with Gemma Sanda provides men and women insights for empowering themselves and each other through Health & Wellness Coaching 

    Gemma Sanda is the Complex Health Coach. 

    The Complex Health Podcast aims to explore the true meaning of wellness through conversations and solo episodes. It is hosted by Gemma Sanda, a cosmetologist turned Health and Wellness Coach, wellness expert, and entrepreneur. The podcast is designed to help you live a healthy, beautiful, and vibrant life by providing you with the necessary tools and strategies that will help you achieve your personal health goals. Gemma helps you cut through the confusion and overwhelm by offering practical tips and advice that are tailored to your lifestyle. Each week, you can listen to inspiring stories, expert advice, and practical tips to help you feel better, follow your purpose, and master the art of living well.

    "Gemma has developed a unique program tailored for both men and women."The Vibrant Life Project and has a safe online private community for ongoing support and accountability along your journey.

    If you are raring to go and dive into your health and wellness journey here is a FREE 21 day self-care workbook  See you on the inside